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Nendoroid Yor Forger Figure

Codename: Thorn PrincessFrom the anime series "SPY x FAMILY" comes a Nendoroid of Yor Forger, the sk..


Nendoroid Gen Asagiri

"Black nightshade is one of my favorite flowers. In floriography, it means 'liar.'"From "Dr. STONE",..

In Stock Dr. STONE

Nendoroid Erika Amano

"If I were to tell you, it might change destiny...?From the anime series "A Couple of Cuckoos" comes..

In Stock A Couple of Cuckoos

Nendoroid Ninym Ralei

"Get it together."From the anime series "The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt" ..

In Stock The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt

Nendoroid Miyu Edelfelt

"You called me a friend. That's all I need."From the anime movie "Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya: Li..

In Stock Fate Series

Nendoroid Desumi Magahara

"I hope one day we can live a world where we can date each other with our heads held high! Right, Fu..

In Stock Love After World Domination

Nendoroid Laffey DX

"Will you still come see me even if I grow out of this body?"From the popular smartphone game "Azur ..

In Stock Azur Lane

Nendoroid Ookami Mio

"Hellooowl! It is Ookami Mio!"From the popular VTuber group "hololive production" comes a Nendoroid ..

In Stock hololive production

Nendoroid Maya Amano

"Let's think positive!"From the popular RPG game "PERSONA2 Eternal Punishment." comes a Nendoroid of..

In Stock Persona Series

Nendoroid Justice

Justice, The Awesome DemonFrom the popular puzzle game "Helltaker" comes a Nendoroid of Hell's forme..

In Stock Helltaker

Nendoroid Uta Figure

"Because I met Hibiki, I could become myself."From the movie "Bubble" comes a Nendoroid of Uta! She ..

In Stock Bubble

Nendoroid NieR Re[in]carnation The Girl of Light & Mama

All Prayers Lead to The Cage.From the smartphone game NieR Re[in]carnation comes a Nendoroid of The ..

In Stock NieR Series

Nendoroid Hajime Iwaizumi (Rerelease)

"The team that works better as six is stronger, you idiot!"From the popular volleyball anime series ..

Good Smile Bonus In Stock Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Asahi Azumane (Rerelease)

"I am the ace of Karasuno High!"From the popular volleyball anime series "Haikyu!!" comes a rereleas..

Good Smile Bonus In Stock Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Ryunosuke Tanaka (Rerelease) Figure

"You're not the only one that can get us out of trouble, Asahi-san!"From the popular volleyball anim..

In Stock Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Empress [Black Rock Shooter]: DAWN FALL Ver.

"...Either we all die or we all survive. Which is better?"From the anime series "BLACK★★ROCK SHOOTER..

In Stock Black Rock Shooter Series

Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Kiro: If Time Flows Back Ver.)

A Nendoroid Doll outfit set featuring the outfit included with Nendoroid Doll Kiro: If Time Flows Ba..

In Stock Mr. Love: Queen's Choice

Nendoroid Zapp Renfro Figure

"So what? Do you get mad at people different depending on who they are?"From the anime series "Blood..

In Stock Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

Nendoroid Aang

Aang joins the Nendoroid series!From "Avatar: The Last Airbender" comes a Nendoroid of Aang! He come..

In Stock Avatar: The Last Airbender

Nendoroid Korra

Avatar Aang's successor, Korra is joining the Nendoroids!From Nickelodeon's "The Legend of Korra", t..

In Stock The Legend of Korra


Good Smile Company’s most popular collectible vinyl figure line, Nendoroids bring you all things cute and chibi! With multiple articulation points, you can pose your favorite characters however you like! Join forces with MARVEL’s favorite superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man. Get your hands on Nintendo Nendoroids, like Kirby and Zelda! Collect and pose adorable, “Nendo-fied” characters from your favorite anime, game, and pop culture series!