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    figma Batou: S.A.C.ver.

    "My ghost…is whispering to me."From the anime series "GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONE COMPLEX" comes ..

    New Available Now Almost Sold Out Ghost In The Shell

    POP UP PARADE Alphonse Elric

    Al of the Elric brothers joins the POP UP PARADE series!POP UP PARADE is a new series of figures tha..

    New Available Now Fullmetal Alchemist


    Master of the Darkness FlamePOP UP PARADE is a new series of figures that are easy to collect with a..

    New Available Now Yu Yu Hakusho

    figma LANZE REITER

    The black lancer.From illustrator neco's new series of illustrations "FALSLANDER" comes a figma of t..

    New Available Now FALSLANDER

    figma Jeanne d'Arc: Racing ver.

    The saint watching over the team's path.GOODSMILE RACING & TYPE-MOON RACING present a figma of Jeann..

    New Available Now GOODSMILE RACING & TYPE-MOON RACING Fate Series

    Nendoroid Alter Ego/Okita Souji (Alter)

    ".....Ah! I'm not asleep... not asleep... sleep... I was asleep!"From the popular smartphone game "F..

    New Available Now Fate Series

    Nendoroid Shinji Ikari: Plugsuit Ver.

    A new Nendoroid of Shinji in a Plugsuit.From the popular anime film series "Rebuild of Evangelion" c..

    New Available Now Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Nendoroid Sora: Kingdom Hearts II Ver.

    "The door to light... We'll go together."From "Kingdom Hearts II" comes a new Nendoroid of Sora! The..

    New Available Now Kingdom Hearts

    Nendoroid Yui Yuigahama

    "Yahallo!"From the anime series "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!" comes a Nendoroid of Yui Yui..

    Available Now My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 3

    Nendoroid Saphentite Neikes

    "Don't call me Saphentite... call me Saphee."From the popular anime series "Monster Girl Doctor" com..

    Available Now Monster Girl Doctor

    POP UP PARADE Senku Ishigami

    "This is exhilarating!"POP UP PARADE is a new series of figures that are easy to collect with afford..

    Available Now Dr. STONE

    Nendoroid Filo

    "Master!"From the popular anime series "The Rising of the Shield Hero" comes a Nendoroid of the Filo..

    Available Now The Rising of the Shield Hero

    Nendoroid Tenya Iida

    "Be concise, clear and bold!"From the popular anime series "My Hero Academia" comes a Nendoroid of T..

    Available Now My Hero Academia


    The useless goddess who descended to the mortal world.POP UP PARADE is a new series of figures that ..

    Available Now

    Nendoroid Newt Scamander

    "There are no strange creatures, only blinkered people."From the popular film series 'Fantastic Beas..

    Available Now Fantastic Beasts

    Pocket Maquette: My Hero Academia 01

    Pocket-sized mini figures from My Hero Academia are here!From the popular anime series "My Hero Acad..

    Available Now My Hero Academia

    RWBY Acrylic Standees

    RWBY Acrylic StandeesAcrylice Standees of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna & Yang Xiao Long..

    Available Now RWBY

    Nendoroid Triss Merigold

    Triss Merigold of Maribor joins the Nendoroids!From the globally acclaimed open world RPG "The Witch..

    Available Now The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Kōrin Kimono Ver.

    Hatsune Miku x Tokyo National Museum x National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties\nFro..

    Available Now Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku

    Ghostemane Blackmage Plush

    Ghostemane Blackmage Plush stands 10" (25.40cm) tall* and comes with a Dr. Nihil sticker on the hang..

    Available Now Ghostemane