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Good Smile Bonus
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figma Maiden in Black (PS5)

"Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended."From "Demon's Souls (PS5)", the action RPG m..

Good Smile Bonus Available Now Demon’s Souls (PS5)

Nendoroid Nanachi (Rerelease)

"I'm Nanachi."From the popular anime series "Made in Abyss" comes a third rerelease Nendoroid Nanach..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Made in Abyss

Nendoroid Lotte Jansson (Rerelease)

"I enjoy supporting those who can do things that I can't do."From the anime series "Little Witch Aca..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Little Witch Academia

Nendoroid Amakuni Saruno

A "Mr. Fullswing" Nendoroid in 2023!From the manga series "Mr. Fullswing" comes a Nendoroid of Amaku..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Mr. Fullswing

Nendoroid Tiny Tina

The world's most dangerous 13-year-old girl.From the "Borderlands" game series comes a Nendoroid of ..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Borderlands

Nendoroid Karane Inda

"Which one of us will you go out with? Tell me!"From the anime series "The 100 Girlfriends Who Reall..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really,...

Nendoroid Hakari Hanazono

"Which one of us will you go out with?"From the anime series "The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really,...

Nendoroid Toma

"I don't want to see you cry."From the romance adventure game "Amnesia" comes a Nendoroid of the her..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Amnesia

Nendoroid Lala Satalin Deviluke

"I'm glad I fell in love with Rito..."From "To Love-Ru Darkness" comes a Nendoroid of Lala Satalin D..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order To Love-Ru Darkness

Nendoroid Akane Shinjo (New Order)

Instance domination!From the anime movie "GRIDMAN UNIVERSE" comes a Nendoroid of Akane Shinjo (New O..

Good Smile Bonus Available Now GRIDMAN UNIVERSE

Nendoroid Umika Konohoshi

"If Earth isn't for me... Yes! I'll go to outer space!"From the anime "Stardust Telepath" comes a Ne..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Stardust Telepath

Nendoroid Misato Katsuragi

"Go on, Shinji! Do this for yourself! Do it to make your wish come true!" -From "Rebuild of Evangeli..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Evangelion Series

Nendoroid Mamehinata

The small and expressive dog girl ♪ Mamehinata, an original 3D model designed by Kameyama that is po..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Mochiyama Kingyo

Nendoroid Joseph Joestar (Rerelease)

"The pounding beat of my Hamon is razor-sharp!"From the anime series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" come..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series

Nendoroid Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli (Rerelease)

"This is the Zeppeli Family Spirit, from the past to the future! It's the human spirit!"From the ani..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series

figma La+ Darknesss

Pay close attention! La+ the leader is now a figma!From the popular VTuber group "hololive productio..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order hololive production

Nendoroid Blaze

"Rhodes Island Operator, Blaze, reporting in."From the popular smartphone game "Arknights" comes a N..

Good Smile Bonus Available Now Arknights

Nendoroid Mihari Oyama

"Our roles are a little reversed, but... I'd love it if we could stay like this just a little while ..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order ONIMAI: I'm Now Your Sister!

Nendoroid Kasane Teto: Synthesizer V AI Ver.

"You really are an idiot, now and forever!"Kasane Teto, originally created as an April Fool's Day jo..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Synthesizer V AI

Nendoroid Kanade Tachibana

"Thank you for loving me. The gift of life you gave me… Thank you so much."From “Angel Beats!” comes..

Good Smile Bonus Pre-Order Angel Beats!