Mask Hook: Racing Miku 2021 Ver. 006

A mask hook with a cute Racing Miku design!Presenting a new mask hook featuring Racing Miku as desig..

Available Now Hatsune Miku GT Project

Mask Case: Racing Miku 2021 Ver. 006

Mask cases with a cute Racing Miku design!Presenting new mask cases featuring Racing Miku as designe..

Available Now Hatsune Miku GT Project

figma Sailor Outfit Body (Emily)

School life in figma form!The original character Emily is joining the figma Styles series in a sailo..

Available Now figma Styles

Yui Yuigahama: Rock Ver.

"Gahama-san" in a rocking stage outfit!From the anime series "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!"..

Available Now My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Series

Saber/Altria Pendragon (Alter): Heroic Spirit Traveling Outfit Ver.

"Me? I'm currently enjoying British life to its fullest."From the popular smartphone game "Fate/Gran..

Available Now Fate Series

Moon Cancer/BB (Devilish Flawless Skin) [AQ]

"Fufu... I'll play with you lots."From "Fate/Grand Order" comes a scale figure of Moon Cancer/BB (2n..

Available Now Fate Series

Nendoroid More: Face Parts Case (Blue Dinosaur)

A new design joins the Nendoroid Face Parts Case series!The Nendoroid Face Parts Case series allows ..

Available Now Nendoroid More

Succubus Lucilia

From "Dance of the Succubus" comes a scale figure of Succubus Lucilia!From popular illustrator Suzua..

Available Now Dance of the Succubus

Nendoroid Princess Sakuna

"Rice is power!"From "Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin" comes a Nendoroid of Princess Sakuna! She comes with..

Available Now Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Nendoroid Shiranui DX Ver.

"Isn't that you... From 100 years ago, Ammy!?"From the popular adventure game "Okami" comes a DX Nen..

Available Now Okami

Nendoroid Suigintō

"As always you lack grace, Shinku."From the anime series "Rozen Maiden" comes a rerelease of the Nen..

Available Now Rozen Maiden

Nendoroid Shinku: Rozen Maiden Set

"I shall allow you to be my temporary servant."From the anime series "Rozen Maiden" comes a rereleas..

Available Now Rozen Maiden

Nendoroid Mikudayo-: 10th Anniversary Ver.

It's Mikudayo-'s 10th Anniversary! It all begins again...!September 17th, 2021 marks the 10th Annive..

Available Now Hatsune Miku Character Vocal Series


Re:Zero's Emilia is the first to join the brand new KADOKAWA Collection LIGHT figure series!"I won't..

Available Now Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

figma Levi (Rerelease)

"I promise you, I will drive the Titans to extinction!"From the anime "Attack on Titan" comes a rere..

Available Now Attack on Titan

Rena Ryugu (Tragedy ver.)

The tragedy repeats again and again... Presenting a new version of Rena Ryugu with special paintwork..

Available Now Higurashi: When They Cry Series

Nendoroid W

Sarkaz mercenary W. Long time no see.From the popular smartphone game "Arknights" comes a rerelease ..

Available Now Arknights

Nendoroid Easel Stand (Rerelease)

A set of three easel stands for your Nendoroids!A set of three easy-to-use and affordable easel-shap..

Available Now Nendoroid

Nendoroid Kyojuro Rengoku

"The Flame Hashira. One with a spirit that burns hotter and prouder than any other."From the popular..

Available Now Demon Slayer Series

Statue and ring style: Ash Lynx (Rerelease)

The beautiful Ash Lynx with a single rose is back.From "BANANA FISH" comes a rerelease of the Statue..