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PLAMATEA Angela Balzac

Third Officer Angela Balzac of the Diva Security Service debuts in the PLAMATEA series! From "Expell..

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Nendoroid Shu Yamino

eyyyyyyy From the popular VTuber group "NIJISANJI EN" comes a Nendoroid of the sorcerer from the pas..

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Nendoroid Shisui Uchiha

”Protect the village… and the Uchiha name.” From the popular anime “Naruto Shippuden” comes a Nendor..

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Nendoroid Doll Shinku

Shinku joins the Nendoroid Doll series! From "Rozen Maiden" comes a Nendoroid Doll of Shinku! The Ne..

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Nendoroid Doll Easel Stand 1.1

A set of 3 easel stands compatible with height adjusted Nendoroid Dolls!An easy-to-use and affordabl..

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NEW ARHAN, complete with all optional features!From "Expelled from Paradise" comes a MODEROID plasti..

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POP UP PARADE Aris: Mischievous☆Straight Ver.

A New Addition to the POP UP PARADE!POP UP PARADE is a series of figures that are easy to collect wi..

In Stock Blue Archive


"Try your hardest to entertain me for all eternity."From "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: S..

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Near Harmonia Curious/Chatty/Mellow

The World of Dolls Begins Near You Good Smile Company presents a new lineup of dolls in the Harmonia..

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Nendoroid March 7th

"Ah! You're just in time — we haven't taken our selfie today."From the popular game "Honkai: Star Ra..

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Amiya: Newsgirl VER.

"The sky of Londinium is always gray."From the popular smartphone game "Arknights" comes a 1/7 scale..

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Nendoroid Shoko Komi: Ponytail Ver.

(...Yes!) From the anime series "Komi Can't Communicate" comes a Nendoroid of Shoko Komi with a pony..

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Nendoroid Koshi Sugawara (Rerelease)

"It'll be fine! Let's break their streak!"From the popular volleyball anime series "Haikyu!!" comes ..

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Nendoroid Tetsuro Kuroo (Rerelease)

"We are the blood of the team. We keep flowing, providing oxygen so that the 'brain' can function no..

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Nendoroid Kei Tsukishima (Rerelease)

"'s just a club activity."From the popular anime series "Haikyu!!" comes a rerelease of the Nen..

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Nendoroid Yu Nishinoya (Rerelease)

"Rolling Thunder!!!"From the volleyball manga and anime series 'Haikyu!!' comes a rerelease of the N..

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Nendoroid Tobio Kageyama (Rerelease)

"I'll take the ball!"From the popular anime and manga series 'Haikyu!!' comes a rerelease of Karasun..

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Nendoroid Tadashi Yamaguchi (Rerelease)

"What more do you need than pride?!"From the popular volleyball manga series with an equally popular..

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Nendoroid Shoyo Hinata (Rerelease)

”Toss to me! Come on!"From the popular anime and manga series 'Haikyu!!' comes a rerelease of Karasu..

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Nendoroid Morisuke Yaku (Rerelease)

"It's a huge thing to play as a libero for a team know as 'Defensive Nekoma'."From the popular volle..

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