Nendoroid Swacchao! Megumin

Megumin joins the Nendoroid Swacchao! series!Megumin from "KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO!" i..


Nendoroid Swacchao! Kagamine Len

Kagamine Len joins the Nendoroid Swacchao! series!Kagamine Len is joining the Nendoroid Swacchao! se..

Available Now Character Vocal Series

Nendoroid Swacchao! Kagamine Rin

Kagamine Rin joins the Nendoroid Swacchao! series!Kagamine Rin is joining the Nendoroid Swacchao! se..

Available Now Character Vocal Series

Nendoroid Kokona Aoba

"My name is Kokona Aoba."From the carefree outdoorsy anime series "Encouragement of Climb" comes a N..

Pre-Order Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit

Nendoroid Chloe von Einzbern

"Do your best! Your sister will be watching over you!"From the anime movie "Fate/kaleid liner Prisma..

Pre-Order Fate Series

Nendoroid SpongeBob SquarePants

Presenting a Nendoroid of SpongeBob SquarePants!From "SpongeBob SquarePants" comes a Nendoroid of Sp..

Pre-Order SpongeBob SquarePants

Nendoroid Soraru

The popular music artist Soraru joins the Nendoroid series!Soraru is now an adorable Nendoroid! He c..

Available Now Soraru

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku NT

The next generation Hatsune Miku featuring the latest technology is now a Nendoroid!Hatsune Miku NT,..

Available Now Hatsune Miku Character Vocal Series

Nendoroid Caster/Merlin (Prototype)

My name is Merlin. The Magus of Flowers, Merlin. I'm the beautiful girl you see smiling down upon yo..

Available Now Fate Series

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume

"I'm not strong. We're strong."From the popular anime series and manga 'Haikyu!!' comes a rerelease ..

Available Now Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Osamu Miya (Rerelease)

"But I think that, when all's said and done, you love volleyball just a teensy bit more than me."Fro..

Available Now Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Atsumu Miya (Rerelease)

"People who can't hit my tosses are nothing but scrubs."From the popular volleyball anime series "Ha..

Available Now Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Hana Shirosaki

"Onee-chan, now I'm a Nendoroid too!"From the anime series "Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me" come..

Available Now Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me

Nendoroid Optimus Prime (G1 Ver.)

"Autobots, transform and roll out!"From the "Transformers" series comes a Nendoroid of the Autobot l..

Available Now Transformers

Nendoroid Felt

"You saved my life, and I can't let a debt go unpaid."From the popular anime series "Re:Zero -Starti..

Available Now Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Nendoroid Pannacotta Fugo

"You'll be the one dying when you witness my ability!"From the anime series "JoJo's Bizarre Adventur..

Available Now JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series

Nendoroid NieR Re[in]carnation The Girl of Light & Mama

All Prayers Lead to The Cage.From the smartphone game NieR Re[in]carnation comes a Nendoroid of The ..

Pre-Order NieR Series

Nendoroid NieR:Automata 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B)

"...Emotions are prohibited."From "NieR:Automata" comes a rerelease of the Nendoroid of the automate..

Pre-Order NieR Series

Nendoroid Exusiai (Rerelease)

"Our slogan is 'Long live the Penguin Empire'. Are you our client?"From the popular smartphone game ..

Pre-Order Arknights

Nendoroid Colossal Titan Renewal Set

"That day, humanity remembered... the terror of being ruled by them."From the anime series "Attack o..

Pre-Order Attack on Titan


Good Smile Company’s most popular collectible vinyl figure line, Nendoroids bring you all things cute and chibi! With multiple articulation points, you can pose your favorite characters however you like! Join forces with MARVEL’s favorite superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man. Get your hands on Nintendo Nendoroids, like Kirby and Zelda! Collect and pose adorable, “Nendo-fied” characters from your favorite anime, game, and pop culture series!