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Luo Tianyi: Chant of Life Ver.

The wind passes the treetops and flowers sway on the branches. Spin a song and let it echo in your e..

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HELLO! Luo TianyiPresenting a HELLO! GOOD SMILE figure of popular Chinese virtual idol Luo Tianyi! H..

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BeBox Vsinger Luo Tianyi: 10th Anniversary Shi Guang ver.

Illustrator Starshadowmagic's illustration of the virtual diva Luo Tianyi made for her 10th annivers..

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Nendoroid Luo Tianyi: Grain in Ear Ver.

Silver candlelight shines on a painted screen in the autumn night. With a silk fan in hand, she swat..

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Collectible Figures Vsinger Pupu-chan

I want to be wrapped in a sweet and fluffy dream with you...The members of Vsinger have been transfo..

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Luo Tianyi: Grain in Ear Ver.

Drenched in the Mangzhong rain, I peeked through the gaps in the folding screen and saw a beautiful ..

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