Azur Lane Figures

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Cheshire: Summery Date!

"Are you feeling good, Owner? Yay, then it's time to start our seaside date!"From "Azur Lane" comes ..

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Le Malin µ

"Good morning. What will today's lesson be?"From the popular game "Azur Lane" comes a scale figure o..

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Kumano: Fancy Waves Ver.

A new figure of Kumano in her swimsuit! Just kidding☆From the popular game "Azur Lane" comes a 1/6th..

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Shinano: Dreams of the Hazy Moon

"Beauteous is the moon tonight... Are you in agreement...?" From "Azur Lane" comes a scale figure of..

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Chen Hai

"What's the matter? ...You're not here just to have a little chat, are you?"From "Azur Lane" comes a..

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Charybdis: Red Chamber of Healing

"Ah, Master, please don't move around so much."From "Azur Lane" comes a scale figure of Charybdis th..

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"I'm the new arrival, Noshiro, second ship of the Agano-class, reporting for duty.\nLet's do our utm..

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Nendoroid Laffey DX

"Will you still come see me even if I grow out of this body?"From the popular smartphone game "Azur ..

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