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Nendoroid Figures

Nendoroid Anu

From "Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy" comes a Nendoroid of Anu!From "Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fa..

Available Now Chinese Paladin: Sword and Fairy

Nendoroid Sarasa Watanabe

"I am Sarasa Watanabe, student of the Kouka School of Musical and Theatrical Arts' 100th class!"From..

Available Now Kageki Shojo!!

Nendoroid Snow White: GSC Online Exclusive Edition with Special Background Sheet

Snow White joins the Nendoroid series!From the beloved Disney movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs..

Available Now Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Nendoroid Somali

"Will you always be with me?"From the anime series "Somali and the Forest Spirit" comes a Nendoroid ..

Available Now Somali and the Forest Spirit

Nendoroid Ryza

"This is an important first step for me!"From the popular game "Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Se..

Available Now Atelier Ryza Series

Nendoroid Norman

"You can die anywhere. It doesn't have to be here."From the popular anime series "The Promised Never..

Available Now The Promised Neverland

Nendoroid Kid the Phantom Thief

"It's a show time!"From the anime series "Detective Conan" comes a Nendoroid of Kid the Phantom Thie..

Available Now Detective Conan

Nendoroid Conan Edogawa

"Only one truth prevails!"From the popular anime series "Detective Conan" comes a Nendoroid of the m..

Available Now Detective Conan

Nendoroid Maki Zen'in

“Don't call me by my last name.”From the anime series "Jujutsu Kaisen" comes a Nendoroid of Maki Zen..

Available Now Jujutsu Kaisen

Nendoroid Swacchao! Megumin

Megumin joins the Nendoroid Swacchao! series!Megumin from "KONO SUBARASHII SEKAI NI SYUKUFUKU WO!" i..


Nendoroid Venom

Venom is joining the Nendoroid series!The Marvel Comics character Venom is now a Nendoroid! The Nend..

Available Now Marvel

Nendoroid Soraru

The popular music artist Soraru joins the Nendoroid series!Soraru is now an adorable Nendoroid! He c..

Available Now Soraru

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku NT

The next generation Hatsune Miku featuring the latest technology is now a Nendoroid!Hatsune Miku NT,..

Available Now Hatsune Miku Character Vocal Series

Nendoroid Caster/Merlin (Prototype)

My name is Merlin. The Magus of Flowers, Merlin. I'm the beautiful girl you see smiling down upon yo..

Available Now Fate Series

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume

"I'm not strong. We're strong."From the popular anime series and manga 'Haikyu!!' comes a rerelease ..

Available Now Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Osamu Miya (Rerelease)

"But I think that, when all's said and done, you love volleyball just a teensy bit more than me."Fro..

Available Now Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Atsumu Miya (Rerelease)

"People who can't hit my tosses are nothing but scrubs."From the popular volleyball anime series "Ha..

Available Now Haikyu!! Series

Nendoroid Hana Shirosaki

"Onee-chan, now I'm a Nendoroid too!"From the anime series "Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me" come..

Available Now Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me

Nendoroid Optimus Prime (G1 Ver.)

"Autobots, transform and roll out!"From the "Transformers" series comes a Nendoroid of the Autobot l..

Available Now Transformers

Nendoroid Felt

"You saved my life, and I can't let a debt go unpaid."From the popular anime series "Re:Zero -Starti..

Available Now Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Nendoroid Figures

Nendoroid Figures