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Rent-A-Girlfriend Swimsuit and Girlfriend B2-sized Two Pattern Tapestry

A two-patterned tapestry featuring newly drawn illustrations of Chizuru Mizuhara from Rent-A-Girlfri..

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Rent-A-Girlfriend Swimsuit and Girlfriend Life-sized Tapestry

Life-sized tapestries featuring newly drawn illustrations of characters from Rent-A-Girlfriend in sw..

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Set of 32 Prints of Original Art from CLAMP Series

This is a set of B4-sized prints of original art from Tokyo Babylon, X, Wish, Kobato., CLAMP Campus ..

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Saiyuki RELOAD ZEROIN Nendoroid Plus Die-Cut Cushion: Genjo Sanzo/Son Goku/Sha Gojyo/Cho Hakkai

Die-cut cushions from "Saiyuki RELOAD ZEROIN"...

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TinyTAN Nendoroid Plus Scarf Towel

From "TinyTAN" comes scarf towels!..

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TinyTAN Nendoroid Plus Die Cut Cushion

From "TinyTAN" comes die cut cushions!..

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