Scale Figures



"Hachisukakotetsu, moving in!"From the popular browser and smartphone game "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" c..

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Hatsune Miku: Memorial Dress Ver.

From the past to the future, reaching ever higher.A beautiful scale figure of Hatsune Miku based on ..

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Yuri Katsuki & Victor Nikiforov Premium Box

Scale figures based on an all-new official illustration!From the popular anime series "YURI!!! On IC..

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"I am Okanehira. The sword chosen by Ikeda Terumasa. Some say I am the most beautiful sword, and yet..

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Yamambagiri Kunihiro

"Don't call me pretty!"From the popular browser and smartphone game "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" comes a ..

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Mafuyu Kirisu: Bunny Ver.

Mafuyu in a bunny outfit!From the anime series "We Never Learn: BOKUBEN" comes a bunny style figure ..

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Megumin: Light Novel Swimsuit Ver.

"Very well. Let's wager dinner on it, then!"KADOKAWA presents a 1/7th scale figure of Megumin from "..


Hasuki Komai: Bunny Ver.

Hasuki's been recreated in a bunny outfit!From the Weekly Shonen Magazine manga that also had an ani..

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Kazusa Touma

A vow of destiny in the music room of memories.From "White Album 2" comes a scale figure of Kazusa T..

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Setsuna Ogiso

Takeshi Nakamura's illustration of Setsuna is now a scale figure!From the long-loved visual novel se..

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Chika Fujiwara: Bunny Ver.

"You're out, yo!" in bunny form!From the anime series "Kaguya-sama: Love is War" comes a 1/4th scale..

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NiCO: Fuzichoco Ver.

Specially illustrated by Fuzichoco! The Cybernetician NiCO is now a scale figure!Popular illustrator..

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Racing Miku 2019 Ver. Side Key Visual

Annindoufu's adorable Racing Miku!The Hatsune Miku GT Project's official character Racing Miku 2019 ..

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Chloe von Einzbern: Prisma☆Klangfest Ver.

The final figure in the concert figure series! Presenting Chloe!From the key visual illustration dra..

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Hatsune Miku: The First Dream Ver.

Just walking together with you is pure happiness.From the first album created with Hatsune Miku V4 C..

Pre-Order Closed Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku

HAGANE WORKS Mazinkaiser

The reigning Demon God Emperor!The new standard for alloy-incorporated super robot models! HAGANE WO..

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The second figure in the A-Z: series is [S]!From illustrator neco's "A-Z:" series of illustrations c..

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Date A Live Light Novel: Tohka Yatogami - Finest Kimono Ver.

"Let's enjoy our date!"From KADOKAWA's Fantasia Bunko Editorial Department's light novel series "Dat..

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Chino: Santa Ver.

Merry Christmas! Presenting Chino in a Santa outfit!From "Is the Order a Rabbit??" comes a scale fig..

Pre-Order Closed Is the Order a Rabbit??

Felicia Mitsuki

"Witches… I'll get rid of them all!"From the smartphone game with a currently airing anime series, "..

Pre-Order Closed Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record

Scale Figures

Along with Nendoroids and figmas, Good Smile Company also has a wide selection of highly detailed vinyl scale figures. Popular characters like Megumin, Darkness, and Aqua from KonoSuba are brought to life in meticulous detail, alongside other Isekai characters like Rem and Ram from “Re:Zero” and Raphtalia from “The Rising of the Shield Hero”! While all are artistic and beautifully painted, some of our scale figures take it to the next level, such as our “Deadpool: Breaking the Fourth Wall” figure!