figma Gridman

Heroic style and action! figma Gridman!From the anime series "SSSS.GRIDMAN" comes a figma of Gridman..

Pre-Order Closed SSSS.GRIDMAN

figma Goblin Slayer

"Goblins. Are there any quests?"From the anime series "GOBLIN SLAYER" comes a figma of Goblin Slayer..

Pre-Order Closed

figma Snow Miku: Magical Snow ver.

Sending you the magic of snow! The magical girl Snow Miku is now a figma!The 2014 Snow Miku characte..

Pre-Order Closed Hatsune Miku


The figma series is a Japanese action figure line produced by Max Factory. The product series is developed by the CEO of Max Factory, MAX Watanabe, as well as Masaki Apsy, and focuses on creating highly articulated hand-sized figures with a focus on popular anime characters.